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Arts (Hindi)

About Arts (Hindi)

The Student should be able to demonstrate :  Students can work anywhere in India, as they know Hindi - Our National Language. In many other countries also, Hindi is used as an Official Language as well as second Language. So they can easily be employed easily in those countries also.  An increased knowledge and understanding of Hindi Grammar.  A basic familiarity of the history of Hindi literature.  The passages to be read, translated, interpreted and discussed in class are taken.  As they are Practicing Translation from Hindi to Gujarati and Gujarati to Hindi and some other Languages as well, they can become Translators in many Central Govt. Offices.

Arts (Hindi)

The Department of Hindi Graduate program intends to preserve further and disseminate the various aspects and forms of ancient Hindi Literature in modern perspectives and aspirations. The program aims at equipping and enabling future respective of different knowledge domains, like Middle Age Poetry and Modern Literatureetc. To empower the students with modern and scientific


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